Serving Government Agencies

Local Government agencies are always looking for ways to enhance the skills of their leaders and supervisory teams. Leadership Development expands the capacity of individuals to perform key strategic roles within and across departments. Our programs help middle and top level staff improve key skills that enhance productivity, reduce silo behavior and improve customer service.

Each course is delivered from the vantage point of the SME with an underlying focus on the who they will be presenting to, or collaborating with.


Leadership and Personality

This module focuses on the leader and his/her personality. Participants look at their unique personality type using the The Birkman Method and discuss the communication patterns of theirs and other personality types. We use The Birkman to help leaders develop and strengthen their EQ, which is a strong predictor of success in professional environments. Additionally, as leaders engage different types of employees Coaching for Performance techniques are delivered and skills developed during these sessions.

Time Management & Achieving Goals

This module gets leaders to focus on the big picture with Visioning and providing Strategic focus. Teams follow leaders who can clearly articulate where they are going, the challenges ahead and the rewards from achieving their goals. To this end Presentation Skills will be developed and techniques to deliver inspiring messages clearly and succinctly are focus ideas of these sessions. Included are nuts and bolts sessions on Time Management and Goals achievement. This rounds out the experience with productivity skills for leaders to apply.

Leading Diverse Teams

This module focuses on the skills needed to work with diverse teams. Participants learn skills to Create Highly Effective Teams, techniques to hold Effective Meetings and techniques for Effective Conflict Management. Additionally, during these sessions there is a strong focus Professional Interactions Across Generations where leaders lean about the 4 generations currently in the workplace and ways to effectively lead them.