“My passion is to help make the world better through the art of healing conversations.”

When I look at the world around me, I see so many people with a deep desire to be heard, to be listened to and to be appreciated. At the same time these same people want to be successful on their own terms, to live full lives and to achieve lofty business goals. When I was growing up, I felt much the same way, however, there wasn’t anyone to help me on the ground to fulfill my dreams. In my professional career I’ve made so many decisions, made so many choices without someone who was solely looking out for my self-interests to guide me. Once I received my first leadership opportunity in the late 90’s I became hooked on helping professionals succeed. After more than 20 years in leadership I have discovered that business succeed when they envision a grand future, carve out time to create strategy, invest individually in their executive talent, and embrace diversity of culture, thought and experience.

Executive Leadership
I work with executives to leverage strengths, identify opportunities for growth, and focus their attention in order to become the best leaders they can be. Individual and team coaching improves leadership performance which positively effects business performance.

Companies, Divisions, Departments, and Teams all need a compelling reason to be excellent at their work each day. I work throughout organizations helping with the development of compelling visions, aligned to business strategy, that staff at all levels can support. Employees make better decisions when they have a vision of success to energize them.

Executives are always in a time crunch. Even with powerful time saving technology at their fingertips, they find it difficult to create time to plan and strategize. I help leaders set clear directions and develop actionable plans that can be communicated clearly to staff and key stakeholders.

Companies understand that a diverse workforce helps them succeed in very competitive marketplaces. Through the Transformation L.L.C. program I help organizations and teams promote diversity of race, gender, thought, cultural background, age and experience.

Effective leaders understand themselves at a deep level first, before attempting to lead others. Through the implementation of personality assessments I help leaders reach that deeper level of understanding and work with them to leverage that understanding to effectively lead others. With certifications in some of the best personality assessments available – The DiSC, The Birkman, The MBTI, and The Hogan – I help professionals expand their leadership capacity and improve their executive presence.