The Meeting Coach

Hello, I am Brian Dunn, your Organizational Development guru! I’ve been an Executive Coach and Leadership Development Strategist for over 20 years. I provide L&D programs to two of the largest education systems in the country, to multiple local government agencies, non-profits and Fortune 500 companies. I Combine executive coaching skills with results from standardized assessments, to deliver customized solutions to my clients. My DEI program, Transformation LLC (Transforming Leadership, Learning & Culture), helps organizations create meaningful internal cultural change.

I am considered a Psychometrician to many, yet I’m passionate about working with leaders and teams to promote positive interpersonal interactions, to promote diversity and to adopt inclusion strategies that help every employee succeed. Though based in New York City I make the best use of technology to maintain contact with my clients. I am currently the  co-chairperson of the Principals Leadership Development Program serving public school principals in Florida, and the sole content provider of soft skills programs for Canada based technology training company. Through this partnership we developed the “Soft Skills Bootcamp for Architects” – a program  grounded in leadership competencies that support the success of all types of technical talent.