Creating Healthy Teams

Businesses rely on teamwork across departments and physical distances to bring quality products to their customers. I work with companies to help them improve team performance, break down silos, and create a culture of collaboration through a structured Team Healing program.

Needs Analysis

We perform one-to-one interviews, focus group sessions and an online questionnaire to gain an understanding of the current state of the team. Our goal is to understand how the team is perceived by others, demonstrated strengths, weaknesses they display, work effectiveness and get a glimpse at what success could look like for them in the future?

Team Development

Team Assessment & Development: We use the results from the needs analysis to help the team understand where they are currently then work with them on a creating multipronged approach to improve team performance.

Improving Interpersonal Relationships

Improving Interpersonal Relationships: Integral to team development is the individual and collective work on improving relationships through effective communication strategies.

Cross Team Relationship Building

Cross Team Relationship Building: We continue to use needs assessment data to help teams work to break through silos that and work with external groups.

Cross Team Communication Building

Cross Team Communication Tools: Integral to the Team Healing program are communication tools that help to reduce conflict, improve interpersonal interactions, effectively present ideas, negotiate effectively, and communicate a compelling vision.