Bridging the Communication Gap between IT and Business

Best Dunn Enterprises, Inc. is a Learning and Development company providing soft skills and leadership training for IT professionals in the greater NYC area. Our programs help to close the communication gap between IT and Business. When companies have complex information to deliver they call us. We help them get it done!

Leadership Development

Your business moves at light speed. Your customers and your competitors know more about your business than ever before. The success of your business hinges on strong and effective Leadership. Best Dunn Enterprises is your professional development solution!

Technology Teams

Your technical teams have great ideas. They develop powerful, practical solutions. The challenge is selling those great ideas to their company. We help IT teams bridge the communication gap between technology and business.

Local Government

Specializing in local NY Government agencies, our MBE Certification provides us access to bring NYC AND NYS government agencies quality professional development. We developed the “Leadership Innovation Academy” to address the particular challenges facing government agencies and not-for-profit businesses. Our programs bring exceptional training experiences to your leaders and their teams.

PiVi-It for Android

Goals Achievement

Throw away your traditional todo list! PiVi makes them all obsolete. The PiVi Goals Achievement app gives you a simple clean way to achieve your Goals while managing everything else! Put your Goals and Tasks in one place. Our Interactive Dashboard Design (IDD) helps you achieve more, and get it done faster! Download your FREE version today!
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