Grow Leadership Potential

Coaching helps leaders grow in their career, build their brand, be more successful in your job and tackle challenge opportunities. The coaching plan is developed that focuses on professional growth, achieving professional goals and illuminates opportunities for may not even be apparent. Coaching is aimed at creating awareness, generating action, facilitating learning and creating growth

What Coaching Does

Our typical executive coaching program starts with 12 confidential coaching sessions over a 4 month period. This will give both coach and talent an opportunity to create some successes from their work together. This the perfect time to evaluate the need for continued support. The greater the change that is needed, the more coaching will be recommended.

The Best Dunn Coaching Engagement

  • Focuses on promoting and manifesting potential
  • Focuses on the present and the future
  • Is solutions oriented
  • Keys in on “What now?” and “What’s next?”
  • Creates accountability structures for Coach and Talent
  • Promotes contact between sessions to celebrate “Wins”