Leadership Innovation Academy Curriculum

Achieving Business Goals

This session combines the concept of setting goals with the process of achieving them. Often times these two ideas are addressed separately resulting in our goals and targets on one side and our time management strategies and prioritization methods on the other. By bringing these two concepts together participants come away with clear targets and a roadmap to get there. Time management strategies are presented thus providing students with enhanced tools for their professional tool kit.  

Coaching for Performance using the DiSC Assessment

This course introduces the concepts of performance coaching and how it differs from employee management. During the session participants will learn effective tools and techniques used by certified coaches around the world. Participants will use the personality characteristics from the DiSC assessment as a part of a model for effective coaching conversations.

Conflict Management using the TKI

This course teaches participants strategies to avoid and manage conflict situations that cause workplace disruptions. Using the Thomas Killman Conflict Modes Instrument (TKI) participants will learn how to quickly recognize conflict, diagnose its cause, and use strategies to resolve them.

Creating Highly Effective Teams

This course covers the basic team development concepts of Storming, Norming and Performing and describes how teams develop throughout at each stage. Leaders will use the DiSC Team Report to understand the make-up of their teams in order to leverage their collective strengths. Strategies to create team synergy, improve team performance and promote a positive working environment are also incorporated in this session.

Developing Emotional Intelligence using the DiSC Assessment

This course explores the characteristics of Emotional Intelligence and how an individual can develop in these areas. Individuals who are considered to have high EQ are poised, outgoing, cheerful, empathetic, appropriately expressive, and they develop strong relationships. Relying on DiSC Personality styles participants will learn strategies to demonstrate many of the basic elements of Emotional Intelligence and ways to promote it in the workplace.

Effective Communication Skills using the DiSC Assessment

This course outlines the importance and benefits of promoting team communication and collaboration. It covers techniques for encouraging effective communication by employing a favorable communication style and an understanding of personality styles in order to achieve productive work-related dialogue. This course also introduces strategies that teams can implement to encourage collaboration, create alignment, and promote healthy competition.

Essentials of Effective Meetings

This course focuses on the nuts and bolts of holding effective business meetings including agenda creation and attendee selection. Participants will explore meeting norms and essential components of effective meetings including support roles and in meeting responsibilities. Meeting etiquette, strategies to keep meeting moving and tips to keep attendees involved are also presented.

Delivering Dynamic Presentation

This course helps participants to successfully deliver memorable presentations. During this session participants will deliver several short presentations and receive in session coaching and support. The components of effective presentations are discussed such as content organization, presentation environment and the audience profile. PowerPoint basics along with best practices for on screen presentations are discussed. Finally, participants will learn how to use their voice and body language to deliver a compelling message clearly and effectively.

Providing Strategic Visions

This course gets participants to develop a vision statement for their department, project or team. A carefully crafted vision statement helps leaders communicate direction and goals to the business and the team in a single – or a few – concise sentences. A well thought out vision statement may take a few days or weeks to craft, but the result will be a tool that helps to inspire action and aligns decision making at times when the leader is not present.

Understanding Your DiSC Personality Style

This session presents the four DiSC Personality styles to participants. The starting point of understanding people is to realize and accept that everyone is not like you. With this awareness leaders and staff members can begin to meet people where they are as they interact with them at work. Participants will learn about personality styles, the characteristics that make them up, their best use in business and potential areas of concern. The DiSC Assessment provides individuals a way to understand what motivates themselves and others. During the session we discuss the importance of “meeting people where they are” as a powerful starting point when communicating, coaching, managing, encouraging and getting along with others.