Development Platform

Our instructional design team leverages the versatility and ease of use from the Articulate 360 suite of training development tools. This platform provides us effective client collaboration, a robust library of design assets and a variety of delivery methods.

Our Approach

We apply the ADDIE model of instructional design, development and delivery. Surrounding this model the development project plan which outlines content conversion or from scratch development schedules. Throughout the engagement a project lead works directly with the client to report progress and ensure quality & compliance for all content created. Our goal is to solve the design challenge presented while making the process easy on the client.

* ADDIE: Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement, and Evaluate

What we Create

  • Training Design & Development
  • Self-Paced Online Content
  • Training Project Development Plans
  • SCORM Compliant and Web enabled delivery
  • Collaboration with SME’s & Stakeholder
  • Web based review and collaboration tools

Implementation & Delivery

Three elements are required for successful online learning program development; 1. Access to approved content, 2. Dedicated time with content SME’s, and 3. Regular Review and Feedback. At the beginning of every engagement we work with the client to establish these well in advance of design and development. Mid-way through the design phase of the project we host an end user walkthrough to determine the effectiveness of the training. Also, at this time we engage internal client quality and governance departments to ensure the final product will be viable for the organization.

Client Integration

All end user training content is owned by the client. During the transfer stage of the project we provide the everything needed to access and/or update the training. We upload all content to a client controlled server, deliver editable training files and web ready content to a client controlled document management system, provide LMS integration instructions, and a training color scheme template.

Support and Updates

Included in the project plan is 60 days of support. During this time the design team is available for minor updates and the project manager is available to troubleshoot technical issues. Extended support can be purchased as needed.