Training IT talent is different than training your general employee. The complex language and themes used require a “translation factor” in order to achieve broader understanding. Technical professionals must not only understand their proposed solutions but also be able to explain them to audiences with varying degrees of scientific background. Our training programs help these scientists effectively speak to the masses. Each course is delivered from the vantage point of the SME with an underlying focus on the who they will be presenting to, or collaborating with.


Soft Skills for Technologists

The role of the “technologist” involves more than scientific expertise. The soft skills workshop is designed to ensure that your technical talent is aware of the challenges and the many demands that are placed upon them from an organizational perspective. Attention is given to the subject of leadership, project management, communication, and navigating the political waters that architects find themselves in. The main topics covered are the role of the technologist in the greater organization, the importance of technician as consultant, defining and guiding business strategy, and technical leadership.
Audience: Technicians, Specialists, Subject Matter Experts, Managers, Supervisors, Team Leads

Leading in a Technical Environment

Today’s leaders are a mixture of cheerleader, coach, hero, analyst and friend. The mind of a technician is not the same as that of the typical employee. Their motivators are different. What drives them is different. And the complexity of their deliverables is different. In this course, leaders will be guided through numerous methods and strategies to effectively direct their teams by employing Facilitative Leadership skills. They will learn how to enlist people to their vision of success, to get their ideas accepted and to keep technicians work aligned with the overall corporate vision.
Audience: Managers, Supervisors, Team Leads

Technical Presentations

In today’s business environment almost every employee is being asked to “make a presentation”. Your technical talent too is being called on to present their ideas and solutions to audiences outside of their immediate team. This course is focused on helping technical professionals overcome the challenges of presenting dense complicated content to audiences of varying backgrounds. Technicians learn how to develop a slide deck that drives home critical information and how to present with confidence. They learn how to prepare for the Q&A session and technique for handling objections. They learn how to use Voice, Pace, Tone and Body Language to deliver a compelling message clearly and effectively. Whether the technologist is seasoned at presentations or deathly afraid of them this interactive session will add tips and skills to their toolkit. A must have for your technical talent!
Audience: Software Architects, Developers, Systems Designers, and other scientists

Elicitation Skills

This intensive one-day workshop is designed to prepare participants for their next requirements gathering session. The focus of the course is to help technicians come out of these meetings with the most useful information possible. Through an approved question and answer process participants learn how to elicit the correct information to help them effectively move forward on their deliverables. Participants will experience first-hand how to plan and facilitate a group process that highlights the most important and relevant requirements information. In this highly interactive session, they will learn how to create common understanding, as well as how to generate, analyze and evaluate ideas in the moment.
Audience: Software Architects, Developers, Systems Designers, and other scientists

Technical Negotiations

One of the biggest challenges working with internal teams is overcoming barriers to agreement. Effectively managing these sticky interactions requires shrewd negotiation skills and the ability to think quickly on your feet. Business professionals need to be able to understand their audience, anticipate their needs, navigate uncertainty and overcome barriers to agreement. Savvy negotiators are built not born! This course gives participants the tools to needed to become more skilled and confident negotiators. We cover some of the key barriers to agreement including: deadlock, issues of trust, and stalling tactics. Strategies for overcoming each are presented with opportunities to practice these using real business situations.
Audience: Technicians, Specialists, Subject Matter Experts, Managers, Supervisors, Team Leads